“Friends & Lovers”

Act One

Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke are sorting through clothes in the living room. Charles and Gwendolyn arrive with an announcement; after dating for two months, they have mutually decided to remove the pressure of a serious relationship from their lives and see other people. Douglas arrives, upset that Charles had turned off his walkie talkie. Jason announces that his friend Max Shrimner is coming over. Max is going to try Jason's celery salad (the secret to his stamina), but they are out of Italian dressing. Mrs. Pembroke is not sure about Charles and Gwendolyn's plan to have an open relationship; she doesn't want to see them break up. Mr. Pembroke finds a box of baby things. Gwendolyn announces that she has a date tonight at the movies. Charles is jealous and wants to work on their chemistry assignment. Douglas loans Charles his chemistry set, and Charles and Gwendolyn get to work in the kitchen. Charles and Gwendolyn flirt and kiss. Jason and Max arrive, announcing that they are going to become blood brothers, but Charles stops them. Gwendolyn leaves for her date, despite Charles' protests.

Act Two

Later, Charles and Buddy talk about Gwendolyn's date. Buddy invites Charles to go pick up women at the student union, where the female foreign exchange students are meeting. Jason and Max play hide and seek. Mr. Pembroke, Mrs. Pembroke, and Lila comes downstairs with clothes to donate. Lila is giving away her entire wardrobe, until Mr. Pembroke explains that he won't be able to replace it right away. Mrs. Pembroke tells Charles that when she was in high school, she did the same thing as Charles and Gwendolyn, and her first date with another person was with Mr. Pembroke. Jason and Max announce that they've decided to go camping in the living room.

In the student union, Buddy attempts to pick up a girl. Charles and Buddy approach a student named Lisette who only speaks French. Buddy reminds Charles that they don't need to be smooth, and he approaches another girl and says, "You and me. Hot tub", before the girl reveals she is from London. Charles approaches another girl who smells like Gwendolyn and who repeats Buddy's pick-up line to Charles.

Back at the Pembroke house, Mr. Pembroke has set up a tent in the living room. Charles arrives home to tell the family about his interesting evening until Gwendolyn emerges from the tent. Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke and the children leave to let Charles and Gwendolyn talk. Gwendolyn tells Charles that she had a good time on her date, but her date didn't take anything away from her friendship with Charles. Charles tells Gwendolyn that he had a good time with the foreign exchange girls. Jason and Max run downstairs arguing, and Jason declares that he never wants to play with Max again. Max leaves, but Jason assures Charles that he and Max are friends forever. Charles turns to Gwendolyn, and they declare each other to also be friends forever.

Later, Buddy comes over wanting to take Charles to the Lamp Light to pick up girls. Charles doesn't want to, until Buddy tells him they speak English.