“Another Saturday Night”

Act One

It's Saturday night. Buddy comes over to the Pembroke house and insists that Charles come out with him to look for girls at the Lamp Light. Charles wants to stay home so the Pembroke parents can have a night out dancing. Buddy thinks the Pembrokes shouldn't go out since they are already married. The kids are getting ready to watch the election results so they can see Michael Jackson sing at Senator Franklin's victory party. Buddy is impressed when Charles reveals that Gwendolyn is coming over again. Gwendolyn arrives and reveals that she and Charles are going to study (on the weekend!). Buddy tells Gwendolyn about his plans to go check out girls at the Lamp Light; Gwendolyn is disgusted. Lila and Jason are disappointed when Senator Franklin loses, and Douglas is disappointed when the Clean Air Act is defeated. Gwendolyn and Buddy get in an argument over the Lamp Light. Charles tries to smooth it over while the kids watch. Lila complains that adults say things like, "We love you all the same", but Charles finds it ridiculous that Lila thinks someone should have to choose between the people they love. Buddy and Gwendolyn both say they hate each other. Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke return home after a nice evening. Gwendolyn leaves for her dorm, and Buddy leaves for the Lamp Light. Charles feels forced to choose between the people he loves.

Act Two

Mrs. Pembroke wants to offer Charles some advice, but Mr. Pembroke wants Charles to ask first. Finally, Charles asks them for advice. Gwendolyn is smart, sensible and smells like baby powder, so Charles thinks there must be something terribly wrong with her. She's perfect, but she hates Buddy, so she must be right, Charles thinks. Lila thinks Charles should choose Gwendolyn, while Jason thinks he should choose Buddy; Douglas gives Charles a book called "How to Be your own Best Friend". Buddy returns and asks Charles to hang out. Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke go upstairs to give Charles some space. Charles realizes that Gwendolyn is right and Buddy is immature, but Buddy thinks that Charles should enjoy being a young. Gwendolyn returns to apologize to Buddy. She wants to break up with Charles because she doesn't understand how Charles can be friends with Buddy. Lila insists that Charles choose between Buddy and Gwendolyn. Charles realizes Buddy and Gwendolyn are different from each other, but also the same as him, so he is glad that they are both his friends, and he appreciates them both the same. Lila and Jason let their parents know they love them both the same. Charles thinks Gwendolyn has misjudged Buddy, and therefore she is not perfect. Gwendolyn disagrees. Charles tells Buddy he will always be his best friend, then Charles leaves with Gwendolyn.