“Extracurricular Activity”

Act One

Charles is doing a reading assignment in the living room while Jason is practicing for soccer. Jason wants candy for breakfast, but Charles tells him he needs real food to grow bigger like the other kids at school. Lila is trying to decide between student council or cheerleading. Charles says student council, but Lila wants to expand her horizons. Douglas wants to know who stole his Incredible Hulk underoos. Buddy arrives and asks Charles about his date last night with Gwendolyn. Charles tells Buddy about his revelation about Gwendolyn. Charles says that he got to know Gwendolyn, and he sees her as a real person now. Buddy is shocked that Charles had a date with Gwendolyn Pierce and took her out for ice cream with the kids. Buddy leaves because he doesn't want to be associated with the laughing stock of the campus, but he quickly returns when Charles mentions that Gwendolyn is coming over. A tired Mr. Pembroke arrives after beating a still energetic Mrs. Pembroke in a race. Lila says there's one spot left on the basketball cheerleading squad, and it's between her and Paula Thackery. Energetic cheerleader-type Paula Thackery arrives and does a short cheer before quickly running off again. Lila is disheartened. Mrs. Pembroke is worried that Jason is too small to play soccer. Douglas wants to audition to play the triangle in the school band. Buddy wants to go out for the swim team because of the wet women in bathing suits.

Gwendolyn arrives and tells Charles that she had a good time last night. Charles introduces Gwendolyn to Buddy. Gwendolyn wants to know if Buddy is his real name, and Buddy reveals that his real name is Buddence. Charles is amused. Buddy also reveals that he is from California. Gwendolyn thinks Charles should try out for the part of the Gentleman Caller in the school play The Glass Menagerie, which Gwendolyn is also in.

After school, Charles returns home to a quiet house and contemplates whether he should join the swim team or the play. Soon, Lila arrives, announcing that she didn't make the cheerleading team. Jason tries to sneak upstairs while Charles talks to Lila. Charles stops Jason and discovers that he didn't make the soccer team. Mr. Pembroke arrives after a long, exhausting day. Mrs. Pembroke comes downstairs and says that she knew Jason wasn't ready to join the team. Douglas arrives home, announcing that he is now in the school band.

Act Two

Charles is upset because the kids are upset. Jason tells Charles that a bully pushed him so that Jason wouldn't try out for the team. Charles tells Jason that they need to confront the bully.

Charles helps Lila work on her cheerleading. Lila isn't very enthusiastic. Charles has invited the bully over to talk to Jason, but Jason doesn't think it's a good idea. Charles says bullies can't stand confrontation. Douglas wants to play "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" for Charles on his triangle. Lila wants to give up and join student council again, but Charles tells her not to give up if she really wants to do something new this year. Gwendolyn arrives and is disappointed that Charles didn't try out for the play. Buddy arrives and wants to know why Charles didn't join the swim team. Charles says he doesn't have time. Lila finally "gets" cheerleading, but she decides to be on student council instead, which is what she really wants. Jason doesn't think the bully is going to show up; Charles says it's because the bully knew Jason wanted to confront him. Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke come downstairs, and Mr. Pembroke once again notes that having Charles around was a very good idea. Charles agrees to go out with Buddy and Gwendolyn right after Douglas plays his song for them.