“You know what the best part of being a kid is? If you relax and enjoy it, no one will blame you.”
“Another Saturday Night” (1.3)

“You can’t chose between emotions, or you’ll end up going blwablwablwablwablwa.”
“Another Saturday Night” (1.3)

“Your children are too young for a bad influence. Even if it’s disguised as lots of fun.”
“Cousin Elliott” (1.5)

“Be yourself. So if a person likes you, a person can recognize you. Because when you start to hide your feelings, you have to listen very closely to each other. Because when you’re grown up, it’s not so easy to say what you feel. And it takes a person who likes you to recognize that.”
“Slumber Party” (1.6)

“It has to do with evolution. All living things must evolve in order to stay alive, or else they’ll die off. Well, like your troglodytes. It’s like the caterpillars you love; you can’t understand why they become butterflies. You think they do it just to get you mad, but they don’t. They do it because they need to, to go on living.”
“A Date with Enid” (1.9)

“It’s not healthy to keep things bottled up inside of you. Sometimes it’s good to tell someone how you feel. And if you feel angry, well, then that’s how you feel. And you shouldn’t try to pretend that you’re happy. But you know that when we fight, we still love each other. And so do your parents.”
“The Commotion” (1.13)

“A rosebud is small and fragile, and then it starts blooming, and pretty soon, it’s a full grown flower. So, a rosebud is beautiful for what it is and for what it’s going to be, and so are you.”
“Feud for Thought” (2.3)

“If you don’t try, you’ve already failed.”
“Speechless” (3.4)

“Commercials come and go, but sisters are forever.”
“Second Banana” (4.11)