“A Date with Enid”

Act One

It's a rainy Sunday morning. Lila's friend Enid is coming over to work on a study project, Mrs. Pembroke is reviewing a new movie (which every other critic has panned) downtown, and Mr. Pembroke is working around the house. Jason wants to go to Pizza Playland, even though he's been for the last fifteen Sundays. Charles has to keep the children out of trouble while Mr. Pembroke is busy. Mr. Pembroke also wants Charles to re-caulk his shower and empty the fireplace. Jason will help Mr. Pembroke while Douglas helps Charles.

Enid arrives, and Douglas is immediately lovestruck. Enid goes upstairs to Lila's room. Lila is going to give Enid a make-over; they are only using the study project as a cover. Enid thinks that she isn't pretty.

Meanwhile, Charles tells Douglas not to get involved with Enid today because Charles is too busy to deal with Douglas' love life. Upstairs, Jason and Mr. Pembroke are having trouble with the caulking gun, and Lila is having trouble with Enid's hair mousse. Mrs. Pembroke returns home and declares that she loved the movie. The family enters Lila's room to help with Enid's hair crisis. Douglas accuses Lila of changing Enid.

Act Two

Lila attempts to fix Enid's hair while Jason and Mr. Pembroke try to wash the caulk on the balcony. Douglas continues to moon over Enid. Charles suggests that he and Mr. Pembroke trade helpers so Mr. Pembroke can talk to Douglas. In the kitchen, Mrs. Pembroke is working on her movie review. Mr. Pembroke tells Douglas about his first girlfriend. In Charles' bathroom, Jason helps Charles to caulk Charles' shower, but Jason is frustrated that Charles won't let him use the caulking gun after his accident upstairs. Mr. Pembroke bursts into Charles' bathroom to announce that Douglas is asking for his first date. Mr. Pembroke, Charles, Jason, and Mrs. Pembroke all race into the living room to see what happens. Buddy arrives to watch the football game with Charles. Douglas comes downstairs; Enid said yes. Douglas and Enid are going to have their date in twenty minutes in the kitchen.

Later, Charles and Buddy finally get to watch the football game. Lila introduces everyone to the new Enid. It turns out Enid didn't need all that much mousse or makeup; all she had to do was take off her glasses and shake her hair. Enid goes into the kitchen for her date. Lila feels great about helping Enid. Shortly after, Enid returns to the living room and thanks Lila before heading home to show her parents her new look. Lila and Charles go into the kitchen to comfort Douglas. Douglas tells them that Enid smiled at him, so she's not his type any more; Douglas says that Enid smiled because she was happy that she changed. Douglas wants Lila to change Enid back. Charles says that she won't because Enid is happier now. Charles compares Enid to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Charles says that one day Douglas will learn to appreciate butterflies. Charles and Lila inform the rest of the family that Douglas' date is over. Charles comments that Douglas is very smart because he finds beauty in places where most people don't bother to look. Mrs. Pembroke realizes Douglas is right; she is going to talk to him about the movie she saw. Charles suggests everyone goes out to Pizza Playland.

The family comes home from Pizza Playland. Douglas shows Charles his new book, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Butterflies".